Are you still relying on manual data entry?

See how much time you can save

Plan for a form-free future

AdvisorForms is the simple, digital solution to a messy, paper problem. By digitising the capture and storage of client data, AdvisorForms streamlines your onboarding process and saves you hours of data entry.

Our sleek online portal provides a space for clients to fill in any relevant forms online, to be reviewed by you at the click of a button. Once forms are reviewed by both parties the data automatically populates in your system. Integrate AdvisorForms with your existing software systems and the data automatically syncs to avoid costly errors and mismatched information.

No more piles of paperwork and no data entry. Just a single, simple solution.

A simpler way

Discover a stress-free way of collecting and consolidating your clients’ details.

  • Email

    Send the client an email with a link to the form

  • Fill

    The client fills in the form via the online portal

  • Review

    Review the data with your client to avoid errors

  • Sync

    Sync data into your existing software systems

Data Capture

Ditch the data entry

Send and receive forms in one easy-to-use portal. No scanning. No printing. Just simple, digital data capture.

Use the online AdvisorForms portal to collect all the data you need from new and existing clients. The client can provide (or update) their details anywhere, any time without the need to return a paper or scanned copy. Existing clients can review and confirm their details without having to fill in new forms each year. There’s no paper handling and no manual data entry. Just log in to see all of your clients’ data.

  • Customise forms to capture relevant data only
  • Avoid transcription errors with built-in error checking
  • Save drafts
  • Receive alerts when forms are completed
  • Automatically update data in your systems

Digital form review

no more transcribing paper forms

Don’t waste any more time to-ing and fro-ing forms with your clients. Get the data you need, without the delay.

As soon as your client fills in their details via AdvisorForms’ online portal, you can access and view the data. Review the form in collaboration with your client to ensure all details are correct and then simply approve the data at the click of a button. Even existing client information can be reviewed and confirmed without having to send out new paper forms. It’s a one-click tick of approval.

  • Process new forms quickly and efficiently
  • Review forms at the click of a button
  • Collaborate with clients live
  • Confirm existing data

Consolidated View

Your client data hub

No more shelves of binders. View all of your clients’ data in one central, easy-to-use dashboard.

A user-friendly dashboard gives you an overview of the status of your clients’ forms. Check for outstanding forms, review data to avoid compliance issues or simply track your team’s input to assess progress. AdvisorForms lets you pull, review and confirm data from other systems to avoid double handling. Centralise all of your clients’ details from all systems so you can get rid of the binders for good.

  • Rely on a single technology (no dodgy scanners or printers)
  • Ensure your clients’ data is secure
  • Ensure data is correct and compliant
  • Easily find client details

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